PEAK® Grease

PEAK® offers a variety of long-life anti-wear grease products suitable for use in Automotive, Industrial, Household, and Marine Applications. 

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Product Description

All PEAK® Greases are formulated to provide maximum anti-wear protection and excellent lubrication in a variety of applications and all meet NLGI Grade 2 specifications. From Multi-purpose grease to Marine grease PEAK's line greases offer excellent extreme pressure and anti-wear protection as well as wear protection to extend equipment life.



Follow the steps below and use the charts to find the right grease for your application.


Step 1. Identify bearing type and DN value (speed factor) DN value equals the bearing’s average diameter multiplied by its average operating speed (RPM) and applies a correction factor based on type of bearing. Consult equipment manufacturer if DN value is unknown.

Step 2. Determine average bearing operating temperature

Step 3. Look up the DN value and operating temperature in the appropriate charts above to determine optimal grease base oil viscosity and NLGI grade.